The PioneersThe MilitaryReferences
Image Number Description Copywrite
Fig 101 James McGrigor Memorial
Fig 102 James Guthrie
Fig 103 The Dentist Chair Author
Fig 104 Hanaoka Seishu
Fig 105 Crawford Long
Fig 106 Murial Long Crawford Long Museum
Fig 107 Horace Wells
Fig 108 William Green Morton  Author Edited
Fig 109 Pain Unkown
Fig 110 The First Anaesthetic
Fig 111 Ether Dome
Fig 112 Charles Jackson edited by author
Fig 113 Charles Jackson grave
Fig 114 Robert Liston edited and coloured by Author
Fig 115 Antonius Mathijssen edited by author
Fig 116 Semmelweis edited by author
Fig 117 The Lady with The Lamp
Fig 118 The Crimean War
Fig 119 Sir Sidney Herbert
Fig 120 Florence Nightingale