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Florence Nightingale Cont

It was a fact that Miss Stanley held more respect for the care to the wounded that was given by her team, the figures on the state of the wounded will testify to that, however there was another Mary Seacole a nurse of Caribbean origin who was also of great benefit to the wounded.

Although the majority view of her role was that it was overstated, the results are what matter and Florence Nightingale had set in motion with the rest of the nurses, a system of patient care that obtained excellent results. It is a fact though that Florence Nightingale was a high class snob, and spoke down to medical officers of a lesser class.

The reason why nurses in the three services are commissioned, is a legacy of the original Florence Nightingale nurses, these nurses were all members of the gentry and it seemed appropriate are the time to commission these nurses so as they would not mix with the other ranks. This tradition has in part carried on until now where nurses can apply for a nursing commission.

Florence Nightingale went on to write papers about the sanitary state of not only the British army’s medical facilities and hospitals but also those within what we now call the NHS. She died in 1910, but her legacy lives on.