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The National Health Service

Aneurin Bevan 1897-1960

Aneurin Bevan was born on 15 November 1897 in Tredegar in Wales. His father was a miner and the poor working class family in which Bevan grew up gave him first-hand experience of the problems of poverty and disease.

"Nye" Bevan will probably go down to history as the greatest Minister of Health we have ever had. His National Health Service Act 1946 was a triumph of achievement in spite of prejudice and misrepresentation.

Nye Bevan had a sympathetic and lovable personality. Because he always stood up manfully for the bottom dog and castigated his opponents mercilessly, he made many enemies.

Like the invention of anaesthesia, the credit goes to one person, William Morton. The same is with the NHS the credit goes to Nye Bevan but several contributors like Lord Dawson and Beveridge must not be forgotten.




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