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The Dark Ages

It was in the Confessor period of English History that the earliest anaesthetic using ice is mentioned AD. 1050, The relevant passage translates as follows:

“Again, for eruptive rash. Let him sit in cold water until it be deadened; then, draw him up, cut four scarification’s around the pocks and let it drip as long as he will.”231

It is believed that Hippocrates was aware that cold, especially ice would alleviate the pain associated with surgery.
William 1 (The Conqueror) King of England was born in 1028, at Falaise Castle, the illegitimate son of Robert the Devil or the Magnificent. At the time of the Norman conquest of Britain, he had within his force’s “Leeches,” usually clerics, who treated the wounded following a battle.

His conquest of England was the last time this land was occupied by a foreign invader. He maintained his hold on England by the use of savage force and replacing all the Saxon Lords with his own Norman nobility. He maintained the Law and order by enforcing his rulings rigidly and met any attempt to defy his decrees and challenge his ultimate power with brutal force. It was the brutality of conflicts that led the clergy into the field to provide both religious and medical help, the intention to first save the soul and then offer what assistance they can to the mutilated body.





Quote 34

"In the morning, I depart for France to press our rights there, and I leave you here to quell this little rebellion, understood? Is it? One day you will be a king. At least try to act like one" 87



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